Saturday, 2 June 2007

Football and Pirates...

I haven't posted in a while. No reason. Just 'cause I'm lazy.

But anyway, the other day I went to go and see POTC3:ALE, that is, the third Pirates of the Caribbean film. It was OK. A bit long, but generally quite fun.

Also, my brother got Mario Strikers Charged Football. Of course, I don't like football, but this isn't really a football game, and it's very fun. It also has the advantage of being the first online wi-fi game on the Wii. Nice.

My posts from now on will be vaguely bland, as there will be no Heroes, and I don't really care about much else.



ElGenius/T.C. said...

Hi D! Tom C. from drama here, but you can call me ElGenius. Because I am a genius.
I digress.
I have played Mario super-thingy football. It is, I have to say, SOOOOOO FUN, OMG, OMG, get the pic.
I haven't got it though. Do you recommend buying it not just because my brothers are pathetic at the Wii and I can beat themhaving played the game the same amount of time as them?

~d~ said...

Hey Tom. I recommend that if you like the game, you should buy it - if you can't play it with anyone at home, consider using Wifi if possible - if not, you can always set the computer level up high.

But still, if you do want it, get it if you can (and want to).

Or you could save up for the awesome games coming out later this year - who knows?