Sunday, 27 May 2007

Heaven, and having to brush my teeth with my left hand...

Last night was one of the best nights I've ever had - It definitely earns a high 9s or even a 10.

This is because I went to see G4 on their Farewell Tour. Let's just say it was AWESOME.

We started off with a support act, Shayan Italia. He was the worst thing I have ever heard, full stop.

But then G4 came on, and it all seemed worth it. They sang all their best songs.

At one point they walked down the aisles, and I shook Matt's hand as they passed, hence having to brush my teeth with my left hand - It was perfection.

I had an awesome night. And I bought a T-Shirt.



Friday, 25 May 2007

Finally! and Towels...

I finished school for a week today. Finally. Now I can get some rest. Finally. And Relax. Finally. And... well, you get the point. I need some sleep desperately.

*falls asleep*




*wakes up* Woah, how long was I out? Or more likely, how long did I take to type those ellipses?

Anyway, things I did this week, because I am too lazy to go into into detail about them... watch the season finale of Heroes (9.4), have Tom and Olly round to my house (7.7), Towel Day! (8.5), and my Games lesson (minus several million).

Yeah, it was Towel Day today, in memory of Douglas Adams. And also Universal Day of the Jedi... I took my towel into school, looked like an idiot, had a good time.

Wel. You can probably tell that I'm exhausted.

G'night! (Even though I'm not going to bed yet...)


Monday, 21 May 2007

...and the Dvorak comes in the niiiiiiiight!...

...or something like that. This post is about the nomic card game, Dvorak. I had seen it a few times before, ignored it, and gone on living my normal life.

But then everything changed... I looked it up again, a week and a bit ago, and this time it became a more serious affair...

I examined it some more - looked at the rules, scanned over some already made decks.

I made my own deck, Heroes as always, and took it into school.

That was when it started... Now people have started creating their own decks...

A Red Dwarf deck, an Angel deck, a Superhero deck...

Now it's everywhere... I don't know what to do... I fear I have started something... Sinister... maybe the next Yu-gi-oh... HELP ME, HELP ME, I'VE GOT DVORAK IN MY BRAIN!!!!!!

Whoa. Went a bit over the top there...

It's ok, though. I don't care hw many decks people make. Just as long as thery credit me for being the first :-).

Happy card-gaming, peeps!


PS. Eck, blogger has decided that it doesn't want anything after I went mad to be normal sized font. Typical. I should complain.

Monday, 14 May 2007

The 017713 Project, plus Dvorak

Anyone who has read about the improv group Improv Everywhere will know that they are very clever and funny. I admire what they have done very much.

Before I knew about them, me and my friends at school did this thing - we stood on either side of the archways to the quad, in line, and whenever someone walked past, we would do the wavy arms thing ~;~ and say 'whoooooo' like a ghost. Amazingly funny.

So today, we decided to do another one. Me and a couple of friends that took part in The Ghost, as we call it, planned it: two of us would stand just around the corner of the arch and the other would stand nonchalantly and rub his nose when someone was coming. Our job was to jump out and shout random words, or a stream of gibberish at that person. Again, Amazingly funny. This was called The Sneeze, I think.

We tested out a new one as well, called The Entrance, in which we would stand, one on either side of the arch and one in the middle, and would say 'Welcome to the Quad,' to anyone walking into the quad (we were going to add 'We hope you enjoy your stay,' but couldn't say it fast enough) and to anyone walking the other way - 'Thankyou for visiting!' Needless to say we got some funny looks, but that's all part of the fun!

We decided to give this thing, these games, a name. We decided to name it after a quote from when we were playing a improvisation game - 'Your computer is a malfunction box'. Don't ask. Just don't.

We were going to call it Operation: Malfunction Box, but a) It was too long, and b) It wasn't cool and snappy enough. So I experimentally shortened it to O:MB, decided that this was hard to make a logo for, and played around with a few other things, before finally settling on The 017713 Project, or possibly The 017713 Experiment. The 0 is O:, the 177 was the M and the 13 was the B.

I intend to do a few more, perhaps expand them to be more like Improv Everywhere's stuff. And I might get Tom Forde to help me (his sleepover was great, by the way! We spent the whole time playing games, mostly Bomberman).

On another note, I just found a new card game, called Dvorak. You make your own cards, so naturally, I set about doing a Heroes deck. Stay tuned for more info, 'cause I gotta go now.

\(^.^)/ -=Yatta!=-


Ps. 2 episodes of Heroes tomorrow - I know they are today in America, but I get them the day after :(

Pps. Also, I passed my grade 3 piano with merit - got this news ages ago, but couldn't be bothered to post about it.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Awwww, Sylar killed his poor momma...

Well, of every episode of Heroes is awesome - fact. Five Years Gone was the most awesome, and Homecoming was cool, but this one came pretty close - especially the end!

Yup, that's our Peter going atomic! Will Claire shoot him or not? What will happen?

Yup, that next picture is Gabriel Gray (Sylar) showing his mum his powers. Cute, eh? For some reason I prefer Gabriel to Sylar. Obviously later on he killed his mom (by accident). That was very sad - I had a lump in my throat at that point :( .

And Mohinder helped Molly Walker. That's cool, now she won't die, and she'll be able to fully utilise her power. Wonder what else she can do other than act as a human tracker device.

Oh wait. That's bad. Bennet, Sprague and Parkman said that they were going to get rid of the thing that could track them. Don't kill the kid! But they're all caught up in the 'splody Peter thing aren't they? So will they continue their misson? Wait... if they do that, then all Peter has to do is thing about cheese, or cows, or big dancing pandas, do stop the bomb!

I'm confused. Either a load of people die, or the cute girl dies. I dunno. [-,-]

Eck, I seem to be bolding a lot.

Aaaaah, Just remembered about Micah, the technopath (how awesome is the name of that power? And the power is pretty cool as well). Does he die in the bomb, or do DL and Niki/Jessica save him?

Also, we found out that Candice's power is illusions and hallucinations, not shapeshifting. >:( That was the power of one of my characters that I had planned for a fanfic... *scowls at Candice*

Yeah, so much to talk about, so much to be excited about (double episode finale next week? OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!), so much time to annoy other people by chatting endlessly about Heroes!


Ps. Thanks to for those pictures. They should have got a good headshot of Griel, and a picture of Peters even more radioactive hands, though.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Eledees, L.E.D.s, geddit?

Ok, first I'd like to say hat whoever changed the name from Elebits to Eledees is stupid. I prefered Elebits. But that's just me.

Well, I bought Eledees yesterday, it being the only Wii game out that I want until August, and it's pretty good. Let's see...

Graphics: The graphics aren't that bad - they're pretty realistic and you know what object you're holding. I give this a 7.7 - Nothing special but nothing bad.

The sound is the same - OK. The Eledees sound cute, the laser sounds like a laser, objects all pretty much sound the same, apart from the odd metal pan or glass bottle. This earns an 7.3 - Again, not very ear-catching.

The music is quite good, they fit with the levels well and aren't too intrusive on your gameplay. They aren't very memorable, but then again, it doesn't really matter in a game like this. 8.7 - Not bad - nothing to complain about really.

Ah, this is where it gets interesting! A physics-based game in which you throw objects around? I like the idea, and it certainly comes together well in-game. Moving around the house, and eventually leaving it altogether, you get a good range of settings. Also, certain stages have you trying not to break anything, trying to be quiet, or trying not to break anything in anti-gravity! This is the most interesting aspect, and makes up for the slight dips in the quality of the other categories. The only problem I may have is that if repeating the same objective over and over again, just in different places with higher Watts needed, becomes boring and repetitive, I may never play this game again, and for £40, that would be unforgivable. However, it's still fun at the moment (we'll have to see whether it stays that way) - this gets a respectable, nay, impressive 9.3 - Innovative and fun, if a little repetitive.

Is it just me or is being able to easily stand a perfume bottle on its top (considering it is much thinner than the body) a problem with game physics? Perhaps a cube when there should have been a bottle shape? And also, the menus on this game are quite hard to use without an extremely steady hand - I have clicked Retry instead of Menu quite a few times!

Overall, this is an innovative and fun game all round, although the sound and graphics aren't as impressive as could be - try this game if you can!

Well, that took me ages. Time to get around to practising my Double Bass... *rolls eyes*


Ps. I'm going for a sleepover at Tom Forde's house next weekend - watch this space for news.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Future (>.<) is dead, Future Peter is (*\*)

If you haven't got any idea what I'm talking about, then you obviously don't watch Heroes, the best TV show ever. Or maybe you just can't read my emoticons (>.<), which is probably more likely.

I'm on about Heroes, which is, as I've said, the best TV show out there. And this episode was probably just the best. Uberawesomeness radiated out of it like Ted's radiation when he's hurt. Lol, you won't get that if you don't watch it.

Five Years Gone, set five years in the future, focusing on Hiro Nakamura, the teleporting, timetravelling Japanese person. When he meets Future Hiro, and eventually Future Peter (who has a huge scar, hence the emoticon), they decide to try and save the past.

Check it out, it's uberawesome.