Friday, 25 May 2007

Finally! and Towels...

I finished school for a week today. Finally. Now I can get some rest. Finally. And Relax. Finally. And... well, you get the point. I need some sleep desperately.

*falls asleep*




*wakes up* Woah, how long was I out? Or more likely, how long did I take to type those ellipses?

Anyway, things I did this week, because I am too lazy to go into into detail about them... watch the season finale of Heroes (9.4), have Tom and Olly round to my house (7.7), Towel Day! (8.5), and my Games lesson (minus several million).

Yeah, it was Towel Day today, in memory of Douglas Adams. And also Universal Day of the Jedi... I took my towel into school, looked like an idiot, had a good time.

Wel. You can probably tell that I'm exhausted.

G'night! (Even though I'm not going to bed yet...)


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